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Monday, April 20



Brought a coffee to work... car cup... stays warm till the lunch hour... because the "car cup" is just that good!!!
Unfortunately, no matter how good the car cup is at keeping coffee warm... if I drink it all before 10:00... I'm still hosed. :(

Now add to this that I am carless... because I gave suz my car as she dropped me off at work. (Her car is still getting fixed).

So... no car... oh, and yes, there is a cafeteria in this building. The coffee they serve there is not really any different than scrapping dead skin cells off a forest rodent and brewing that in dirty swamp water...
So I'm not all excited about getting coffee... here...

I want COFFEE..... sigh.

~ all dressed up... shirt, tie, nice trousers... BROWN BELT ... to go with my brown loafers... that remain penniless (btw).
~ I expect to be in jeans and a tee ... 2 seconds after I get home. :)
~ up with the crack of dawn...
~ back in bed to snooze...
~ wake up the boys and girl...
~ wave to the kids as they leave for school...
~ drive suz's summer tires (and Suz) down to the mechanic... who was not able to fix her car on Friday, so he offered to balance and put her summer tires on ... (no charge). ... but that meant I had to bring the tires to him...
~ drop me at work and wave goodbye to my car as suz drives away in it...
~ work like a maniac... including an all-afternoon-presentation-that-made-me-want-to-rip-my-hair-out... er... but wait... no talking about frustrations with clients... lol
~ tonight? Suz should be picking me up at 5:00 ish... and then we head out to get her car.
~ then dinner... then relaxing. :)
~ that all is well in the land of lisabella
~ for you to click [ :: THIS :: ] - which will take you to petermarcus's page and a great public post!!!
~ that spaz... er... jjnslat... is ok. !!
~ that groovysegue lives through little one ... growing up.
~ and to send some lj love to bronxelf_ag001... just 'cuz...

Do you think that the countries that are recipients of our never ending flow of aide... development, disaster, food, medical...
If they had the means, and we were up a creek....
Do you think they'd give a care? Let alone send aide?
Half of the political / religious systems that receive our endless support consider us infidels.
The people? Sure... they love us to pieces... "here, have a bag of rice..."
But the geo-religious-political system... not so much.
Wouldn't it be interesting if aide actually came with strings.

I'm very excited about Caprica.
The opener was really fun... and used the now "old hat" science fiction of the "hook me up to my gear and watch me zap into a virtual world".
Snow Crash, OtherWorld, The Matrix, ... so many good stories based on that concept.
And now... a well made show that's not going to be afraid to show some womans tits in one scene and them blow her head off in the next.
I mean... grizzly... sure, but dude.
It's a fracking trip man. :)

~ ps... am home now.
Got the car... got empty calorie food for dinner and am drinking much coffee!!! :)
~ pps... I would have told you this morning... "Flu's gone!" and smiled. Tonight I'm feeling that sore spot in my neck again. So... maybe not done. I think I'll try and get a good sleep tonight.

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