Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 19

Hola muchachos... y muchachas... :)
Yesterday was the official putter-around day.!! :D I put my summer tires on... got groceries... did some big clean-ups at home... played b-ball with geo... and we had a delicious dinner -> Hamburgers and frenchfries. :D (First burgers on the BBQ of the summer.

Oh, and speaking of the Q... I has to getz a new Q.
OMG... this is a tired bbq. I'm not exactly sure of the year... but I know I got it about 10 years ago and it has truly got itself all "worn out". :)

We watched August Rush last night... even the kids. :)
Geo wasn't going to watch... - because they recommended it in music class at school... (LOL)
But Edward piped up with "Oh cool... I saw the preview for this... it looks great...". Double - LOL.
So we watched ... and it was wonderful.
although I wanted to stop Mr. Wizard something fierce...

~ pj pants...
~ white tee...
~ house coat...
~ um.... it's sunday. Today defies "planning"... at least this sunday...
~ although I'm sure I'll play on my skateboard out front of the house for a while...
~ hmm.... although... I am re-considering the idea of building a ramp.
~ of course, that takes planning.
~ hoping for a few things to go right in the land of talashandy....
~ zaxwrit makes choices that feel right...
~ and to tell nutmeg... that he's super adorable... :)

~ Bob Dylan has an evil-genius mustache!!!
~ the Stanley Cup playoffs are on... who knew? (or cares?)
~ city is talk'en about making helmets mandatory at the outdoor skateparks. Just say'en... ABOUT FREAKING TIME....
~ Somalian Pirates... Pirates? I want to make fun of that... but I'm afraid it'll be racist... because it will be... racist. Fricken Somalian Pirates.

I know I'm late to the table with this...
Possibly I am simple cementing my role as king of the old news...
But have you ever used a bread-maker?
Whole Cow Man... or WCM. :)
Like... dump in a few things that you prol'y already have kicking around in your cupboard, set the timer and wake up to the smell and taste of wonderously delicious fresh bread!!!
This would be an awesome gift for you to get a family member. :)

~ watching Caprica...
~ not watching Caprica with the kids... !!!

:) See ya. :D

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