Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, April 15... I know... yesterday. :)

Hola... I'm a bit late... it's after midnight for goodness sake...

And as it stands... this is total "pop in" before bed. :D
Long day with that flu just lurking at the edges...
Seriously... twice today I've felt the chest-tightness thing kick in.

I keep hearing about this flu... "coming back". :(
Sucks man.

On the bright side... It's fricken fabulous outside. :D
When I get past this flu... it'll be skateboard season.

~ eh... dark trousers, sweater...
~ the "wednesday morning meeting" at work...
~ laying out work plans for the next six months... :D
~ an evening that includes good food and, at some point, Lost.
~ oh, and "Drive both cars to the mechanic and leave one behind for them to work on tomorrow." Standard process for car-service. This time it's suz's car... making horrible noises. :(
~ to send a quiet moment of comfort out to n5iln,
~ for some good karma to find it's way to fireflieslie
and that kitiara gets rest!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday giggly_girl... sugar-C. I hope all is well and that there is lots to be a'smiling about.
Happy birthday kendokamel... my little stick girl... May there be no pointed ends and lots of good friends...
And a very happy birthday to sugar-bronze.. bramey. May your family enjoy the love you share and spend this next year bathed in good health. :)

Please... stop blaming the internet for predators.
That's like blaming the transportation system and road infrastructure for some jack-off running down an unfortunate bystander.

Another Canadian soldier dies in afghanistan. I think that's 115?
The second woman soldier to go down in combat.
Oh... and a group of women protesting against the psycho sharia law thing... were attacked by a larger group of men and beat-down.
Soldier on...

I have been having kick-ass dreams lately.
Don't cha wish you could harness that?
I know... a half dozen diff movies...
But seriously.

See ya today.

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