Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 13

Beautiful day... it could have been warmer... but hey... s'ok. :)

Smile... I got today off because Jesus said so!! :)

~ black jeans... white tee... stupid shorty sox (white)... cold ankles... black ftls...
~ it's like waking up and realizing you a goth dental hygenist with a washed face... except no lab coat... or, actually, any good reason to include the dental hygenist reference...
~ putter... official putter-day...
~ made a trip to Home Despot and Cost-co... light bulbs and meat. Chicken actually... which is meat, so ... whatever.
~ spent some time this morning... while everyone else snoozes it up for a nice sleep in (something I do not seem to be able to do any more...)... cleaning and re-lubricating my skate bearings...
~ more chicken for dinner...
~ to welcome carorules home...
~ that pasticcio gets the washer worken...
~ and to send big congrats to odyssey_road... just 'cuz.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday seanyoda... "click here to read...". May the year ahead keep you and the other jedi safe and happy.
A very happy birthday to a distant and complex friend... ratonil! May this year bring you many reasons to feel joy...
and to icicle... Happy birthday little sugar. I hope you're having fun where ever you are. :)

Cash register system went down hard in Home Depot while I was doing the pay and go thing.
It took 10 minutes to back the store up completely and to lose several "rounds" of customers who wouldn't wait.

Yeah... not sure whats wrong...
But I can't breath.
Like... an hour or so ago, I just got all tired... chest got tight.
I lay down for a few mins... and now, I can't take a deep breath.
So if you never hear from me again after this...
I died.

(fun eh... )

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