Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, April 9

So... no rain or snow today... phew. :)
I am soooo hoping we can say hello to summer tires soon.

~ did friday today... faded black jeans and a shirt that, apparently, brought surgery to mind.
~ all I know is I had four day weekend invading every single thought I had today...
~ made the classic "pork chops, rice and red sauce" for dinner... :D
~ to send a little love to a friend from the LJ version of "forever"... jloopy. May your heart be strong... strong like ox!
~ that mother nature would leave off in the land of teasdale,
~ and that wbahner ... has a computer miracle. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sparklegrrl. I hope you're finding all kinds of things to be all sparkly about. :D

I cannot think of a single event in my history of ranting and raging (against the machine) that raises such bile… that makes me as physically angry, let alone desperately disappointed as the way Canada has become complicit in torture and extreme rendition.

I honestly think that if a family member worked for CSIS or the RCMP… I would be embarrassed and ashamed of them. I would find it difficult to acknowledge them.

And the thing is… it’s bad enough that we (Canada) seem to be fine with sending Canadians off to foreign lands to be beaten to within an inch of their very deaths by torturers… it’s just unimaginable that we do this, then find out we were wrong about the victim and we can’t seem to gather the national testicles of sufficient size to admit our error and make amends.

It kinda makes you sick...

Happy dead jesus day tomorrow.
Is anyone else dressing up for International Zombie Day on Monday?

Rented Religulous ... my "theme" movie for the weekend.


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