Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, April 7

snowed... a lot.
I work 10 - 15 minutes from home...
but peeps that have to do the big drive-down-town thing? They were in "oh no I took off my snow tires" hell all morning. The queensway was a lock-up. hahaha... (evil).

Enough already... just get to sunny summer weather and hurry up. :)

oh yeah, and I just realized that we get this friday and monday OFF WORK...
Way to go you christians you... It's dead-jesus-weekend!!

~ full day of being busy...
~ 'cept... I was thinking suz worked today (she doesn't) so when I jumped back in bed after putting the kids on the bus I figured we'd just snuggle for a while then get up... but... she was going right back to deep morning sleepy la la land... and I almost almost went with her... :D (phew!) Still and all... I was almost late for work.
~ getting busy with client #2 work (the peeps in DC).
~ homeowners association meeting tonight... planning our "agm" and stuff...
~ and now? relaxing with the tv, a sofa, a laptop and ... blessed wireless access... :D
~ to offer up three cheers for play dates!!! to tonya
~ that laciann's hubby feels better soon...
~ for all to be well with 1ginacolada in her just-about-to-pop Super-Sugar-Time-Bomb-Baby-Make'en kinda way... :D
~ and for acoolsecretary's squeeze to get to feeling all better too!

My lap top ... my "work" lap top... is a Dell Latitude D610.
I've decided that I hate it.
I hate you.
You are ugly and you're mother dresses you funny.

We're planning a cruise for next march break... already. :)

~ ttfn muchachos... y muchachas... :D

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