Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 6

It snowed like a sonofagun today.
Just goes to show ya...
Do not mess with your snow tires until the end of April.
(no, I didn't)

This was yesterday...

This is today...


~ dressed up and ready to play...
~ trying not to cough up any organs...
~ get it together so I can make an early meeting with le "grand formage" (biggest boss of all the client bosses)
~ dance around after that meeting ... because it kinda went really really well... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
~ spend the rest of my day organizing things to propose a "road map" of the stuff I still need to get done here before September.
~ skip lunch... because I just wasn't thinking... d'oh.
~ I had brought my lunch... grrrrrrr....
~ that pyschomagnet can wash the stink off...
~ for easilydistractd to get a sweet deal on 2009...
~ to say that I can hear kitiara chanting... "Ehmmm not dead yet...." in a slightly odd british accent.
~ and that nerdular ... just scores some big ass whack of great fricking luck!!! :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar-lisa (lisabella)... I hope you have a wonderful birthday and get to enjoy some comfortable love this year. :)
And happy birthday stephiechai... may the wisdom motherhood has brought to you so far... be exactly what you need to make this next year ... turn out to smooth and filled with love!

Did it fail and fall into the ocean?
We're quick to believe that they lie and our guys ... only tell the truth.
But come on... what then heck makes us believe that?
Personally... I don't give a rats patooty about NK shooting rockets and pretending to be a stupid-power.
What I do care about is how much they cost us...
Do you have any idea how much money and aid the world (read: american - and canadian - tax payers) gives to NK?
Dude... you're practically paying their meal tickets...
And yet... there are food bank line ups in your home town.
And a missile program in NK.
You know why you pay for all their food and stuff?
So they wont have an effective missile program.
Good thing it failed and fell in the ocean.
Or else we'd have to get all mad and stuff...
Maybe even threaten to not keep paying all the bills.
But this way...
... heck, we may even agree to pay a little more!

So besides my regular vacation time... I have over five weeks of time banked for "extra" vacation because of all the time I've been putting into client #2.
Believe me when I say ... this is good.
I will use that time... this summer... :)
In fact... I don't even what to be here now... but that's because of the evil cough...
(edit: I left seconds later... went home and had a rest. :D)

Let me love you...
I'll do it in my own quiet little way.
It's the only way I can hold on.
~ porque nunca podre vivir sin ti

~ siempre.

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