Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 5

Hi. :)
I call him "Hervey" (Her-Vay)
Hervey the Ganglion Cyst.
The whole family calls him that...
And I missed my doc appointment last week to have Hervey "looked at".

Still got a cough that sounds like something evil is on it's way...
Every now and then a large section of some random organ comes up with the cough...
Then I have to decide if it's important enough to put back... like when I hacked up my left ventricle....

It's spring... for sure.
I'm still afraid to take off my snow tires...
But the forests are full of giant puddles or little tiny lakes...
Like that place they go when they put on the green rings in "The Magicians Nephew".
The valley between our house and our garage-side neighbor... is a slow moving and deep river.
Once again... the property drainage plans are being tested.

~ a day of puttering and following through with various "I'll get to that..." things.
~ a little Homeowners Association stuff...
~ some garage clean up...
~ paperwork in the office... ick.
~ and now ? we're going to go to Swiss Chalet for dinner. :)
~ that kitiara gets all the way back to health... (I can only imagine one of your fever dreams)....
~ for cynnerth to enjoy all the choices... life stops being about choices eventually I suppose. Best to enjoy them. :D
~ waves at fragbert...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday irishgypsie... I hope your celebration of the day kicks of a wonderful year.

:) ... smile.
You know you wanna.

Watched an entire episode of "The Hills". have never seen this before.
Bwwahahahahaha.... Although the music and internal references to the music were cool.

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