Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, April 3

No really...
eye balls...
on the floor, rolling around.
This is how the coughing fit ends.


~ my newest favoritest shirt. hard to explain...
~ full day at work...
~ and hiding to cough my eyes out.
~ presentation at 11 and con call at 3:00
~ home and farm boy groceries on the way home...
~ to send three cheers to snwbrdette...
~ for irishgypsie to get that office cleaned up!!
~ and to point out to absolutely everybody... that chandrielle... has the BEST ankles. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday kataish ... I hope that the engagement turned into a bucket of wonderful. :)

National Cleavage day? YHGTBKM?
I'm sorry but I'm not seeing the evidence of this... I think you're all just making this up...

On the cruise... the "late night adults only" comedy routine ... included what I consider to be the sickest, most offensive (and therefore - unfortunately - funny) joke in the universe.
~ and there's no way I'm going to post it here... not in a public post...
~ my biggest fear is that everybody has already heard it...
We'll see. :)

no really... you are.
(yes, you...)

~ k... see ya.

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