Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, April 2

Hola. :)

Geez... this is the first moment since the wee hours of Monday morning that I haven't felt like a dead person.
It's been a constant battle between fever and medications...
Like dosing up on tylonal cold caps so I could do a meeting on wednesday morning??
what was I thinking?
Seriously... this week has been a blurr of a mad effort to put client #3 to bed and wash my hands of that....
With this stupid flu kicking the crap out of me at every stage.
I managed to get up and go to Hull (client #3) and do the "final presentation workshop"
By the time I got home from that... having taken the rest of the day as a "sick day"...
I was starting to feel less craptastic. Not great... but no longer knocking on deaths door.
So that's good. :)

I've been home for five days and I still haven't caught up with Amazing Race or Survivor.
Just no brain space...

But I am working on the vacation post... :D

~ all dressed up and well, no actually. :)
~ I've changed back into slob-o-vision since I snapped the pic.
~ Make something delicious for dinner... It's been pretty bland the last few nights...
~ work on vacation post and pictures...
~ get another good nights sleep... need lots of sleeeeeeep
~ that suburbiadaze ... makes a fortune.
~ to continue enjoying pasticcio's sarcasm...
~ for sirenity to find an even better path of square one...
~ and to send nerdular a little magic... just cuz...

Birthday moments... aka ... A birthday bonanza!!!
All the friends I missed while I was away... :D
From March 22, all the way to April 2.
laperleprofondeboo1 jenbibibyrongottabecrazy
I hope the year ahead treats you fair and square!!

So... once again the word of the day is "Afghanistan".
Holy smack man...
Here's the thing: They decide, in their system of elected government, to pass a dumb ass law that basically reduces a group of women in their society to chattel and legalizes marital rape...
Really awful. Totally worthy of international protest and sanction.
However... Our troops are currently overrunning their country and holding a complete military power base.
We say we're there to support the government and help rebuild their country, free of the evil Taliban.
If we tell them what kind of laws they can have...
Then we are just throwing down the gauntlet on ownership and executing a defacto coup-de-ta.
Basically, it's a question of where we do our complaining from... outside, with the collective international voice or inside, standing there, leaning on our m16s.
Bottom Line: That meatball of a president, Hamid Karzai, is an idiot, in charge of a country that totally does not need us showing them where to poo.
This stupid law that they have passed... should be the "snap" that breaks the mezmer that the world has been in regarding Afghanistan.
Bring the troops home and treat Afghanistan like any other punk-ass country that needs international pressure to behave reasonably.

While we were away, cnn reported something about a couple of 14 year old girls being charged with "child pornography" because they posted inappropriate pictures of themselves on the big web.
Child Porn laws soooooo do not apply in this situation.
Maybe "Felony Stupid Hoe'ery"...
You want to hold the parents accountable but we're getting past that now with cell-phone-cam "insta posts"... parents can't control that with reasonable supervision.
Kids have to be accountable "in their own homes" for their behaviour.
Those girls? All their tech is taken away - no pc, cell phone, texting, Wii, etc. - for some length of time and the unfortunate reality of having to grow up with naked you chasing you from job interview to job interview (can you say "google"?)
But a federal offense? GTFO!!

I really liked the ending of Battlestar. :)

~ see ya.
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