Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 18

Well they were calling for rain today... but instead... it was just gorgeous again. :D :D
Personally, I'd be keen to have total craptastica weather to usher our trip to the land-of-pirates in with style...
Alas... :D (earwax)

I got me some happy feet.
Did my best to restrain 'em at work.
but I have been smiling like a serial killer with a plan. :D
One more day.
Just one.
dum di dum... :D

~ seeing as I'm all packed... I can only wear my "didn't get selected" clothes. :D
~ was s'posed to be at work by 8:30... everybody was so comfy sleeping this morning... I kinda stayed with 'em too long and made it to work a little after 9.
~ arrived to go direct - coat and back-pack in hand - into a board room and dive into a presentation... sigh.
~ weekly project / team meeting immediately after...
~ and then zooooom to quizno's to blow my lunch break standing in line (hence the reason I normally make my lunch!) and get back for an afternoon-killing meeting... that I spent in the sad knowledge that my delicious, yummi, sammich was sitting on my desk... whispering my name... calling to me... eat me... eat me.... eat me.... sigh.
~ eat, work, daydream of free room-service, hot tubs, work, hot tubs...
~ go home. :D
~ made some baked-not-fried chicken nuggets and stuff for dinner...
~ and here we are. :)
~ for some easy peasy recovery-land in the world of bardiva
~ that there's only good news finding it's way to ladyfire
~ to tell kay that you so far and away a total rock-star... :D :D
~ and that unfortunate nauticalness... doesn't haunt dinkydo.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a... charming young woman... (notcharming). I hope you were well celebrated today and that the year ahead brings you all kinds of great little reasons to smile. :)
And to tj642... Happy birthday! May there be a healthy, happy and fortunate family show'en the love!

Who knew?
I mean... gosh,
We are soooooooo fortunate.
For a while there... we were all thinking... you know...
The polar opposite.
Stupid us.
But yeah...
Good thing we got the Pope there...
Letting us know that distributing condoms actually increases the spread of aids in Africa.
So intelligently designed...

Radio: A nineteen year old construction worker was crushed to death on a construction sight (near my MILs house... in our neck of the woods) at 7:30 AM...
That is just horrific. I mean... it screams first-job. sigh. How remarkably sad.
And we are constantly hit with "work-place-safety" advertisements...

Te necesito, te necesito mi amor
donde quiera que tu estés

~ ar ar ar ... :)

So celine dione walks into a bar...
And the barman says... "Celine... why the long face?"

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