Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, March 17... tick tick tick... three days... ahhhhhhhh!

So yesterday was a perfect weather day... right...
And like... today, today made yesterday be it's bitch and clean the cat box.
I was skateboarding on the driveway...
I've been all the place today and checked a zillion things off the to-do list. :)
It must be the weather.

~ jeans and a tee...
~ but I started a lot nicer... well, a little.
~ nothing green.
~ was... stressing the "was"... going to meet client #3 ... but she begged off saying "everything is fine". :D Deliverable is locked in and I can deliver the training course to her team in early April. :D
~ did meet with my former boss-man, current co-worker-dude to talk shop at 'bucks
~ met an adorable little tiny 4 year old girl that spilled her chocolate milk and decided to be my friend. She made a big mess and was just so darn cute... Her mom was... pretty much a 10... and a lot of that had to do with how she carried herself... good looks, but great clothes, great posture and clear voice... she didn't get noticeably aggrivated with the little one after the mess... this made her especially attractive. :D
~ back to client #1's office to make sure all is well, and then home to basically "take the afternoon off" and play with the kids... feed 'em and generally goof around. :)
~ now it's now... going to make spaghetti for dinner and ... back to packing tonight.
~ that tomorrow has nothing to do with donkeys... for gifgal
~ for the little break [Bad username: [info]lindalee_] just caught... to lead to great things...
~ and to affirm my always-on big heart for my tired little teasdale :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a dear friend... such as far flung remote-Lj-buddies actually are... er...
But never-the-less... Happy birthday sugar-liegh (aka fireflieslie). It's a treat to see how things are going in your story, and I hope the next chapter is filled with good fortune and great friends.

Dear International Weather Services:
Please screw off with the whole ...
stormy weather for the Caribbean next week...

Hope is good...
Just don't expect things to bend for you.
Sure, they'll bend because of you,
but that's not what you want.

Two steps back and the family tree is in Belfast.
Never-the-less... looking around today...
I still have to say "fill your little green boots, but don't touch me."
I've no love for a day that is actually defined by booze and it's propensity to go too far...
But ... yeah.

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