Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 16

Holy crap man... like, there are hardly words out there to describe how perfect the weather was today.
Never mind that I was in a windowless cubicle with ugly gray fabric walls... (I often peper-stab the wall with thumb tacks ... just to be mean)

~ was all dressed up for a Monday.
~ Up for work... letting the boys just crash...
~ called them later and mad sure they got outside for a bit...
~ but basically we got up and left 'em to their own devices... 'cuz we both had to go to work. :(
~ busy day... but I got sign-off on my client #1 deliverable, so that's a TOTAL WRAP. :D :D :D
~ big dinner tonight and after we chill for a bit... it's going to be all about packing again.
~ hope to watch AR tonight. :D :D
~ dear karma... please stop messing around with my little debby....
~ try cutting some slack to sodiumbisulfite too...
~ for pasticcio to be careful there... if it tingles... it's extra wonderful.
~ and that indianasweetie gets some good news...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a much absent but hopefully happy mariposadyke. May there be a world of understanding at your doorstep.

AIG Insurance...
EXACTLY why I was saying... over and over again... that the bailout concept was despertatly flawed.
Everybody is having a red hairy fit because AIG is paying 180 million of taxpayers money as bonuses to the traders who screwed everything up in the first place.
Well d'uh.
What you have now... is exactly what you get when you pour everything into a short term solution.
Honestly... the world would not have ended if some of these idiot companies would just FAIL already.
Yes... things would suck for a while...
But the alternative is ... what we did... reward the terrifyingly incompetent business tycoons for being incompetent...
and now we're all pissed off because they're... (wait for it)... being incompetent.
People... this is like dating a barfly you met in a bar and complaining later that she's too much of a barfly.

America's Next Top Model... bwahahahaha...
Seriously people...

I saw kelly clarkson on tv the other day.
Its a good thing we oprah'ed our televisions last year.

~ k ... time to go be busy.

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