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Sunday, March 15

so... I get up at 10... get sorted and head out to do errands.
sleeping monkeys in the background.
pet food store, future shop, home outfitters, drug store... and home.
sleeping monkeys just waking up. :D

It's gorgeous outside.
It is.

five days till we leave.
needless to say... things are ramping up in casa de corto
big honking luggage bags are out
dum di dum...

~ I predict that it will be difficult to take my clients seriously this week. :)

~ errands...
~ more job jar stuff...
~ go to the gym with suz...
~ go to folks for dinner
~ be lazy tonight?
~ big congrats out to murflegirl
~ for some small miracles to sneak up on nutmeg
~ that shoogramma-shoo gets her sleeping patters sorted...
~ a little quadrophenia to find acoolsecretary and enjoy the real you,
~ and that things settle down for hisbeauty and that NZ delivers a break to her little one... :)

To seduce with your "newness"
Is to light a fuse on your happiness.
Better to find your path by revealing...
... and reveling in the you beneath the new.

So I'll have quite a little cache of "tech" to take on vacay...
~ power bar and an extension cord
~ mini-computer thing (Jornada) to type vacation-blog into (andthecharger)
~ video camera (andthecharger)
~ still cameras (andthechargers) (plural! the kids have their own)
~ four 8 gig memory cards. (just... WOW.)
~ iPhone & iPods... (andthecharger... dongle things)
~ walky-talkies (andthecharger)
~ binoculars (which totally and thankfully do NOT need a freaking charger)
I'm going to distribute it through out the luggage... so if we lose a bag... we only lose a portion of the geek.

~ going back through friends journals... some of them... wwwwway back.
Looking for pictures... :)

~ see ya soon. :)

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