Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, March 13...

~ I know I know... sue me... :D

Another knock down beautiful day in the hood!!
It warmed up... it's sunny... it's... just awesome. :) Or at least it was.
Now it's all dark and stuff. :)

The kids are all in the March Break zone.
A week off... er... followed by us going away for a week.
They're off for two weeks... and I'm off "make lunch duty" for two weeks. :)
~ score!

~ er... black jeans out of the dryer. :)
~ argyle sweater day.
~ wrapping up all kinds of little bits of the various projects I've been going mental with for the last ... forever.
~ absorb good news about a cert I've been waiting to hear about for the last four months...
~ couple of errands on the way home and then dinner. :)
~ tonight is all about just being a slug baybee. :D
~ maybe find some time to write about survivor.
~ to send a smile over to lisabella...
~ that good things come to uawildcatgrl...
~ that earthgoddess gets some good news!!!!!!!!
~ for blonnie to find the social butterfly within...
~ and for the peace that lives in all of us... to find it's way out in debby's world

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday, flung far across the country, to Angela (pasticcio). May you find new ways to enjoy things that seemed to get old, and bask in the things that never will.
And for the sweet sweet sugar-apple... er... applelard :D Happy birthday Jen. I hope you have had a wonderful day and that the year ahead keeps you... you're gorgeous hair... and all the family around you, safe and happy. :)

Here's a thought.
Religion and S.U.V.'s have a lot in common.
You only think you need them...
Because a bunch of guys you don't know...
Who have more money, power and shoes than you....
Have spent a lot of money and time telling you need them.
And it's been easy...
They're both all big... shiny and chock a'block full of redemption.

I don't buy in to the friday, 13th thing... it's just so silly.

Look... when they come for you,
and they will come for you,
you have got to be ready.
No really.

~ peace monkeys... :D

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