Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, March 12

Almost done...
Mostly done, even. :)
Client #2 and 3 are off the books - except a short meeting this coming Tuesday with #3 - until after April 1.
No matter how you slice it... no more OT until after the vacation. :)

And I have a DQ sammich sitting on a little plate... waiting for me to be all chomp chomp about it. :)

Oh, and it was gorgeous out today.
Sunny but very cold.

~ thursday... still nice stuff but no tie. Tomorrow, however, is friday... black jeans and happiness. (and as I typed that, I remembered that I hadn't put my "dark load" in the wash yet... ... now I have. :D)
~ wake up... and let the kids talk me into driving them to school so we can all sleep for another half hour. :D LOL!!!
~ up and at'em and to work for 8:30, to send files to client #3 and ... finally relax. :)
~ busy work day, but I got a visit to starbucks in at lunch. I brought the 'bucks "car cup" I got at christmas for suz... 'cuz it was all discoloured and weird looking... I grabbed a replacement from the shelf and showed it all to the girl at the cash. She was shagrin, and wanted to help but I didn't have my receipt. I told her I'd just buy the replacement. So I paid her to load up my 'bucks card, told her she had lovely hair, ordered two coffees (one for coworker-dude and one for me) and then changed that to order double espresso too. I got my coffees... she put the new cup in a bag - I asked her to through the old one out. Check my receipt and she never charged me for the new cup. :D
~ "perimeter groceries" on the way home.... make an easy dinner and go to my folks house to meet suz (after her work out) for a visit.
~ home... we watch Lost with the boys... then put them to bed... read to Ed, and then relax. :)
~ now it's now and I still have lunches to make... but no "work" to sit down and sort out. :D (weeeeeeee!)
~ I think we'll watch a show. I've got a heap of shows on backlog on the PVR. :D
~ that cynnerth goes for the fro! :D
~ that all is well with notcharming... (just 'cuz)
~ and for chiropteraclan to stay safe...on the other side of the line

Remember that transit strike I was whining about over christmas..?
That was the "Amalgamated Transit Union" (ATU).
Now that they're back at work (both sides agreed to arbitration the day before it was imposed on them)
Now that they're back...
The drivers want to do the exact thing the city wanted them to not do - hence the contract problems.
Namely... allow senior drivers to book zillions of hours of overtime and make all kinds of money... while working ridiculous long shifts.
The city asked for them to require an 8 hour break between 14 hour shifts...
Saying it's no problem...
Like I want my bus driver to be on-shift for 20 with a half hour break... with my life in his hands.
(Soooooo happy I don't actually take the frigg'en bus any more.)
Ass wipes.

Cool whhhip.
Cool whhhip.
Why are you saying it like that?
Like what?
Say it...
Cool whhhip.
Say whip.
Now say cool whip.
Cool whhhhip.

Alright... now I'm going to get excited about our trip. :D

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