Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 11

~ me, very early this morning. :)

Totally nasty day... rain, wind, clouds...
But the Dairy Queen near work was having a half price (everything) sale.
So that was a score... (stocked up the freezer. :D - they let be buy it at lunch, and pick it up after work.)

~ eh... nice pants, tee and a nice sweater. (love my new sweaters... although... I tend to like new clothes. :D)
~ big day with client #1 and big night working for client #3.
~ finished by "march deliverable" for client #2 last night, sent it this morning.
~ will finish "march deliverable" for client #3 tonight, and send it when I get up, before I leave for work (Not sure it's a good idea to send clients product with middle-of-the-night time stamps)
~ and AND... I might just get the "good, we're done" on the big "march deliverable" for client #1 on Friday.!!! :D
~ for the very brilliant silver lining... to show up for bardiva ... asap!! :D
~ that things keep on going on the calm path for teasdale,
~ and to go to where ever sirenity is, and have a slice of her... cake. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar-april (imprincessapril). May the year ahead keep your family safe, healthy and bursting with love. :) I hope you had a nice celebration of your day.

~ totally wrapped and slapped today... but the end is in sight...

You know... I think of at least six things I want to say here, during the day... and then forget them.
I think I need to try tweeting them as a memory thing.

See ya tomorrow.

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