Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, March 10

~ madness.
All is in harmony, but the melody..
is madness. :)

The weather? I don't even remember. I think it was snowy and rainy.
And I was out driving around? gah. :)

~ got all dressed up for boss types...
~ was up very late... so I got up and got the boys off to school... and passed out again. :)
~ up and off to Hull (next door city, in quebec) to meet with client #3 and present the semi-final draft. They second last chance to make corrections.
~ from there... back to client #1 to beg off for the rest of the day... after dealing with a couple of quick information requests.
~ then off to the docs... quick doc appointment. Our family doc is a good woman... who is also a neighbor... two houses away. Think about it...
~ home to work on client #3 corrections...
~ make dinner...
~ take geo to swimming (he passed his bronze star tonight...) and worked on client #2 while I waited.
~ home... play with kids for a bit... read to Ed... put them to bed... make lunches... talk to the admiral...
~ and now it's now.
~ I'm going to "finish" my March deliverable for client #2 before I go to bed... if I'm quick, I'll get to watch Amazing Race ...
~ to send a cheeky smile to lyselu... just cuz...
~ that shoo enjoys her properly configured surf'en time... and brushes her teeth. :)
~ for bratt72 to face her demons... and make 'em her bitches.
~ and that dinkydo doesn't kill anybody ...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday moxafoot!! :D I hope that the world around you is making lots of room for happiness. :)

Ed's story when he got home from school...
"So this kid in my class... he walked down-the-hill...
it's mostly grass now... except at the very bottom
and you're not allowed to walk on the grass...
and the teacher caught him at the bottom.
She told him... it's dangerous to walk on the hill...
She made him walk back up... and over to the stairs.
He fell on the stairs and had to go to the nurses office."

I've decided I like rachel ray.
Or at least... I like her magazine.
As for the girl... she's got a giant head and it looks funny on her little body.
But I always get something good out of her for the kitchen. :D

ok... back to work. :)

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