Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, March 8

So yesterday was all about shopping (standard stuff there with the grocery zone)...
But I also decided that I wanted a new pair of shorts... or two.
So I bought... eight at cost-co.
Suz helped me pick out three to keep... the rest go back today. :)

oh... and dig it,
When I got back with groceries...
it was to a kitchen that had been cleaned up, dishwasher unpacked and packed
kitchen floors vacuumed and general tidy-ness.
Geo decided he should do some chores.
He also went out babysitting last night...
He's angling to spend money on one of the new "WoW mice" for his computer. :)

~ up at the crack of dawn... watching the sun rise out Geo's bedroom window... as I drag him out of bed too. :)
~ off to work the "breakfast". (a few times a year we go to volunteer at this breakfast thing at the sailing club my family is hooked into).
~ finished that by 1:00... then more goofing about... and now it's now.
~ we're going to Cost-co to return a bunch of stuff... then to bayshore... buying stuff for the vacay. :)
~ going to have to work for client #3 tonight...
~ I didn't have to work for client #3 tonight!!
~ to let modernarchetype know that it's all good... until she's asking for an venezuelian flag...
~ and that pamdewind has great fun with her Bruiser. :)

Birthday moments...
A couple of yesterday-birthday-wishes...
Happy birthday jocosa!!! I hope the day was well celebrated and that the year ahead unfolds with good fortune and great health.
And to my little debby.... happy birthday sugar. May the year pass without any calamity... without unnecessary family visits... and without anything that makes it hard to smile. Smile sugar. :)


~ two cooks... and a server. :)
(my brother, moi and Geo)

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