Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, March 5

~ you can almost see the dome!!

It's going up to +13 tomorrow. It was -18 today. That's a temp shift of 31 degrees... overnight... in wintry, nasty, March.
A temperature dive after that... is going to make for some serious ice.!

Today was nice... I had great giant leaps forward with client #1 projects... and a few small steps back... so overall I'm happy.
But I have got to get client #3 off my plate.
That is the work that dogs me.
It's marginally interesting... but naggingly a consumer of time and mental time that I want to be putting elsewhere.
I'm actually all excited about stuff I'm doing for client #2... except I'm not doing it.
Because I have to finish c#3 first.

And through it all... visions of crystal clear blue water, sting rays, and service like you can only get on a cruise... are dancing around the edges of my thoughts. :D

~ black jeans, tee, nice shirt, and nicer sweater. :D
~ all about the job again... just another in a long line of crazy days.
~ going back ... march to march to march... this is the pattern of my year. March = crazy time.
~ ahhh... but then there is April. I intend to enjoy April. :)
~ that my friend gifgal enjoys the water! :)
~ that sirenity remembers the analogy between wine and women... and has fun picking out frames.
~ to thank redfenix for the entertainment links today. Frigg'en Wolverine looks ... just amazatron.
~ for wbahner adapts to the "life stage shift"... quick... and remains calm.
~ and that jjnslat... gets that shoulder looked at... (spaz). :)

You do realize, don't you...
That almost all of the "bail out" money given to the banks and the auto industry... are totally gone.
The auto companies will still fail. The layoffs and plant closings will still happen... just maybe not for a little bit longer.
The banks have already absorbed all that money (besides paying themselves 20 billion in bonuses) and they haven't made credit available again... not by a mile.
All that money did for the banks... was keep them in the business of being greedy dickless bastards.
And everybody in power knows it.
Your taxes... hard at work... screwing you blind.

Never underestimate the awesome power of complimenting a woman on her shoes.

Later, after I've taken over the world,
killed all the lawyers,
outlawed 80's retro fashions
(except the "20 minute work out" thing)
and had Clay Aiken disassembled,
I'm going to wear running shoes all the damn time.


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