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Amazing Race XIV Update!!

Amazing Race – Finally! Hobbits

Mountain Man

And they're off... to play with planes, trains and automobiles (again) and to make their way to Romainia so they can wear tight body suits. Eventually we get to Transylvania to play with coffins and gypsies. Oh and Vic turns into a crazy person.

Good Afternoon Race Fans...
(aka "The show, in as few words as possible!")
After introducing the show with an error video clip showing Tam and Vic doing something that wont happen till later this episode (wandering in a forest on a mountain), we watch ‘em all try to get from Salsburg to Romainia. Actually... autos, trains, then planes... in that order. Vic and Tam (team Asia) got away early and looked to be in a commanding lead... until their plane broke and they had to come back... The Fisters get stranded in Amsterdam. And in the end? They all end up in a gymnasium in Romania having a Nadia moment as a Road Block. Predictably, the likely exquisite footage of Amanda and Jamie working the parallel bars in white body suits ended up on the cutting room floor. :( Next is Transylvania and a Detour to move a bunch of gypsy crud on a gypsy wagon with gypsy’s laughing at you... or find a coffin near Drac’s castle and play a game of "messy fake blood and locks" to win your way to the next clue. If it could go wrong for Tammy, it did... and her problem has a name: Victor. They went from killa first to sucking on the tail pipe with his journey up the hill and down again (more on that later) and then losing a coffin key... In the end, they pull second last because the Fisters were just hosed with their layover in Amsterdam and pulled in a solid "later that night" last. Oh, old guy and actor kid (Mel and Mike) came in first! :)

The Good
Mel and Mike. Groin Man and his side kick. Just say’en... :D

The Bad
Ok... the hobbit fell off the balance beam?

The Ugly
CBS for not showing us more of the girls on the parallel bars.
Geez guys...

The Exceptionally Pathetic
Oh my freaking god!!!! "I’m sorry I’m making you do something you think is wrong, but I really think I’m right.". This was the nugget from Victor as he drags his sorry ass – and Tammy’s – up a mountain in Transylvania, following these white and red markers... all the while Tammy is saying that she thinks this is wrong and that they should go back. I mean they seriously walk for-ever!!! Climbing over ridges and through forests... When he finally relents and comes back to the start... and finds the yellow and red ARROW... she should have yelled "OH SNAP!"

The Losers
Yeah, too bad for the Fisters. I hadn’t "become invested" in them so I wont even miss them when they’re gone.

The Winners...
Holy turn around batman... and no "hybrid go-carts" for you! A proper sunny destination trip for Mel and Mike. They managed to drag his strained crotch through Romania faster than anyone else. :)

Big Winners...
Wanting Mel and Mike at this stage. :) However, the realist in me say’s Groin Man will die and the Hobbits will look smoke’en till the very end and they’ll lose to the deaf kid and his mom. :)

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