Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 4

~ little mister tricky snaps one real quick to catch zee walking behind me. :)

hola. :)
A lovely sunshiny day (is that really how you spell "sunshiny"?)

yesterday was a total blurr...
too much work. Managed to take Geo to swimming in there somewhere.

~ yeah... dark trousers, nice shirt, tie and a groove station new sweater'ish thing with a short zip at the neck... (can see the tie and colar of the shirt) from point zero (aka pZ)
~ up and totally at'em and to my desk at work before 8:30.
~ big show at 9:30, but I gotta be in the room at 8:45.
~ totally killed it. It went frigg'en great. uber-boss (client #1 boss's boss's boss) took me aside and talked about more work and layered on the compliments.
~ Is much happy.
~ Then, slogg'en away at the client #1 report that is due BEFORE I leave on vacay... (was due on 31st... alas... earwax)
~ home to make pus-sketti for din.
~ all cleaned up... changed some light bulbs (mental note: 50 watt halogen pot lights... last about 2 1/2 years - no dimmer)
~ helped Ed with some computer stuff...
~ and now it's now.
~ oh and I posted an "I miss you" thing earlier... as I was all angsty at my desk feeling like every time I blink a day passes. grrr.
~ yeah, so back to now. It's now. :) Hi.
~ I think I'm gonna write up the Amazing Race thing...
~ then client #3 work till I'm ready to pass out. :)
~ that nosneros_h enjoys the savings'on'haircuts... Next up... Hair color!! :D
~ for earthgoddess to do aces on her test...
~ that [Bad username: [info]sodiumbisulfite] doesn't get caught sneaking off with the creamsicles...
~ for a hundred flamingo's to herd on jocosa's lawn,
~ and that nerdular does good pro'tect'en. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to kea... I know you're out there! :D May good health chase you and your family around the house all year long. :)

Ok... so two guys are having a beer at a ball game...
Because it's perfectly normal.

I had a super idea for a little video project.
However... it's kinda predicated on the use of a specific song from the 1960's...
How do you... er... Can you? ask for or pay for the right to use a song in a "home made dorky video" that you want to put on youtube and not get blasted?

hb dawnmarie

~ k... time to make another latte. :)

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