Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 2

crazy beautiful day...
But go outside and be surprised!!!
It's freaking COLD BABY... very cold.
Minus 24? Middle of the day? Crap man... BRRRRRRRR!!!.

~ all dressed up... for a monday. :)
~ it's the "beige day". :)
~ all day sucker with client #1.
~ sneak a little work in for client #3 because I gotta meet with them tomorrow morning.
~ mail a bunch of stuff to the IRS... sigh. What a massive pain in the keester!!
~ that stalker chick... sugar-cack... er...minarets... stops feeding the cats liquor.
~ to smile at darkbay... tell her she's lovely... and then go for vh5 for the success so far. :)
~ that ladyfire gets cleats for her snow boots...
~ and that bardiva keeps on enjoying her evening. :D

Dear Canada:
Freedom of expression is under siege in the Great White North.
Section 13 of the hate legislation talks about willfully motivating others to hate.
I'm sorry but ... a political cartoon is no more hate speech than that cartoon of Mohamed with a bomb in his turban.
And everybody had a shit attack about that one causing trouble.
Political cartoons have a longer history in Canada that the legislation that is being bastardized to support the university's that think it's HATE propaganda to put up a poster that shows a Helicopter called Israel shooting at a baby called Gaza to promote a presentation.
Don't get me wrong... I think the Palestinians are whack jobs... and no less so are the Israelis... total nutters....
But just because Israel pays the bills to bring a University President to the Middle East to show 'em a good time...
Does not translate into your University becoming an Israeli Glee Club.
Getting so sick of all things Israel.

There are three worlds...
The Natural World: It is what would be here... if we weren't.
The Imaginary World: The beautiful, creative, bizarre worlds that exist in the minds of men (and women).
The Physical World: The offspring of the marriage between the Imaginary World and the Natural World.
Every building... every street... every house, painting, poster, everything... was created out of the imagination of someone, somehow at some time.
Don't let the world shoot you down for being a dreamer.
It's people like you ... that made the world we all live in.
For real.
You're amazing.
Thank you.

I am very excited...
I got my HP Jornada 820 working again.
Well.. it was always working... I just couldn't find my power cord.
Found it. :)
I bought a couple of those little 2032 batteries for the cmos on it.
Google "Jornada 820" and click "Images".
It's small... but not tiny.
The keyboard is about 80% the size of a regular laptop keyboard.
It's not trying to be a pc in a small space.
It's a totally crummy "Windows CE" device. Solid state... no moving parts.
Press the one button... and it's on before you let go of the button.
Best part?
Pocket Word lets you type like mad... and then directly import it into MS Word on your desktop later.
I'll be bringing it on the Cruise to write my "vacation blog".
I hate hate hate... writing with pen and ink.
I love love love typing.
But I don't much like carrying a laptop around ... just to type words. :)
So yeah... excited. :)

See ya. :)

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