Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 27

warm warm warm...
rain rain...
freezing rain.

~ nice black jeans (as opposed to my much older angry black jeans)...
~ a threadless tee under a new PZ sorta-sweater-thing. :D
~ Friday... k, I had no clue about the friday part till very late in the day.
~ (yoda voice) focused was I
~ every time I think I've got my client #1 project by the short and curly's... something else comes along to complicate the hell out of things... !
~ starbucks for a coffee at lunch with coworker dude... saw nephew dude and six of his crew from his high school ... which I had not previously realized was so proximate to this 'bucks
~ slashed away at my project all afternoon and then after the six person stopped by to tell me about the freezing rain and to leave lots of extra time... blah blah blah... I packed it in and split.
~ Freezing rain? have snow tires... and drive slow... no problem.
~ cleaned up breakfast when I got home... made dinner... cleaned that up...
~ made latte... and now I'm talk'en to you. :)
~ Survivor is next... and I hope to watch Rock n Rolla tonight after Ed goes to bed.
~ that odyssey_road installs a lock on the new bathroom. :) ar ar ar...
~ to send a VH5 to laperleprofonde
~ and to send some lj love down to rochester and my slow.... friend... sugar... teasdale. :)

Checking it ooooout!!
Yo Yo Yo Meeeesta Obam-a-dama-bama.
Lookee lookee at dat packaaaaage.
You are soooo da man...
Da man wit da stimulate'en package.
Mr. Package man...
Mr. Stimulate'en Package Man.

It's funny but I don't comment too often these days...
and when I do... there you are.

K... kids are officially excited.
~ us too. :D

VH5 = virtual high five... geeze

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