Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, February 26

All about climbing the paper mountain that has been piled up around me.
Today's step was going to the US embassy and getting a notarized passport thingy...
And... no surprise but awesome levels of security.


~ new black jeans, nice shirt and sweater
~ and you know that laundry soap commercial with the guy that has a talking stain on his shirt... yeah, on the jeans. :D
~ they're in the wash.
~ good day... busy day. The drive downtown to the embassy broke it up nicely.
~ got lots done for client #1... and I'm setting some goals for client #2 tonight.
~ I'll see if I can get anything done for #3 tomorrow. lol... this is a bit nutz.
~ oh and try to watch survivor at some point. :)
~ to smile & wave at talashandy :D
~ to sidle up to pasticcio... and in my best joey... "how you do'en?"
~ and that canuckgirl doesn't get snow'ed in. :)

I have a copy of "rock'n'rolla" on the counter. It's a TwoNight rental. Got it last weekend.
... haven't watched it.
I have to return it... unwatched.
That's so sad.

~ must fly.

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