Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 25

Holy crap!!! what an amazingly nice day!!! Sunshine... spring baby... spring...
Of course that's all going to end tonight with snow starting and then a back to bbbrrrr-cold by the weekend.

The whirl wind is going full tilt...
Vacation planning... and the resulting increasing in pressure to get stuff for work finished...
Stuff HAS to be done before the end of March... and the trip is in the last week of march.
Clearly I'm the master of my own insanity. :)

~ the weekly "sliding scale". No tie, but nice pants and a sweater... at this rate I can be in shorts and NORML tee by friday. :D
~ work work work... host a special meeting at work every wed. morning
~ zoom to docs office at lunch to meet suz and the boys for the "traveling consult"... explaining all about all known medical issues in the places we're going to be visiting... and (no really!) getting prescriptions for medicines we might need for tummy infections, and get hep a & b shots, etc.
~ go mental trying to get back to work on-time ... only to find that everyone scheduled for another meeting... were ALL tied up in another meeting... so ... no go. :(
~ home again... rainbow trout for dinner... laptop, latte and a sofa for dessert. :)
~ that danicia enjoys the buttons on the other side...
~ that bardiva shares a picture or two... but mostly that she gets to go back... and have more fun. :)
~ and to give a vast and awesome virtual high five to innerly!!

Given the degree of real and terrifying hardship that is affecting so many tens of thousands of americans (economic hardship)...
I find is curious that there weren't riots in the street after the "$20 billion bail-out dollars went to Bankers bonuses."

While the "federal inquiry" continues to investigate the death-by-taze of the polish guy in the Vancouver air port (cornered by four armed RCMP officers, in an enclosed security zone, with no "civilians" around... except the one videoing the whole thing from the other side of the airport security glass, they pump five taze shots into him... complaining about how hard it is to hold him down while he jerks around from the FIVE TAZE HITS... and then he dies.
While that inquiry continues... some national Police Chief spokesman comes on the TV and says "There is no evidence that directed energy weapons cause death."

It is to the endless frustration of age that youth...
often does not perceive that there is more than they know.

~ see ya. :D

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