Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 24

Cold day... but sunny and lovely.
I've had a crazy day... and I'm just bagggggggged.


This "crazy time"... will settle down. Just not for a few days yet... :(

Ah well. Such are the slings and stuff. It's always like this in February... as clients struggle to finish EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE before the end of March (fiscal year end)

~ shirt and tie day
~ remembered to wear the sweater today.
~ although ... that was "today"... it's tonight now and I'm in jeans, tee and hoodie. :)
~ another crazy crazy day. Early up to drive Geo and his snowboard to school... (ski day)
~ early to work for client #1 with a deliverable due by 11...
~ then off to Hull (city across the bridge in Quebec) to spend the afternoon with client #3.
~ all is well. I'm pleased but still in a rush...
~ pick Geo up at school then home to make some food for everyone and then take geo to swimming class and work on client #3 in the rec centre lobby...
~ now it's 11:30ish... kids are passed out... lunches are made... and I have a latte. :)
~ I wasn't so dead bang tired. I mean... I could have passed out at 10:00 happily!! lol.
~ I stay awake long enough to finally watch Amazing Race... !! (didn't get anywhere near that last night)

Birthday moments...
From the 21st... Happy birthday my distant txdevil. :) I hope all is well and that you have much love in your days...
And the 23rd... Happy birthday lyselu... may life spin just right so you can take care of the ones you love.
And finally, for today... happy birthday dearest and kinda long lost pookfreak. I hope you have been able to celebrate your day with love in your heart. :D

After much debate and negotiation...
We've decided to take the kids on a cruise. :)
And ... so we can ski during March Break...
We'll go on the cruise in the week AFTER March Break.
"Liberty of the Seas"
~ and there was much excitement.

~ seriously... I'm experiencing hard-core LJ withdrawal... !! :(

I hope I get to see you soon.

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