Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, February 23

~ am alive.

Very much is looking down at whelmed with all kinds of work stuff going on.
Haven't stopped since last night... missed a whole bunch of the oscars 'cuz I'm a spaz with my pvr thing... but worked a bunch.
Today was ... still is... goofy.
But I'm thinking z and I will get to watch Amazatron Race'itron from last night before we go to bed tonight. :)

No seriously though... I have a head-down, stay away from distractions, and just "get it all done" week ahead of me.
I may have cool vacation news to share soon... but if that's going to happen, I've got to get my clients all caught up.

So anyways... sorry I'm so absent.
Just ... trying to not explode. :D

~ shirt and tie boy should have been big warm sweater boy... -20 in the wind today... and I swear, there's a breeze in my cubicle. :)
~ work... just work.
~ oh wait... make an awesome dinner... then work more.
~ I reach my goals... so I can slack the fukc off again later. :)

See ya soon...
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