Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, February 19

I'm cold...
I have a sweater on, over a tee... but I'm still brrr.

Things at work are freaking crazy town.
client #1 is just really busy... and SURPRISE, had a total restructure yesterday... nobody told me... (and it impacts my work... idiots).
client #2 is in DC and it's looking a lot like I need to go down to DC in the first week of March.
client #3... wants me to work there full time... and I had to say no, again. lol.

The Galactic Core laid off 30 people yesterday.
They call it "Temporary Layoffs"... which is just jargon for "don't have to pay you severance".

I - on the other hand - have never in my life been as employable as I am at this very moment, so I don't give a care about job security or whatever. The harder the economic times... the more big companies and governments want people like me... so ... bring it on.

~ off to work
~ back to home...
~ making dinner...
~ and taking care of my little sick Geo. Still at home but I hope I can get him to school tomorrow.
~ I get a chance to respond to the lovely friends that took the time yesterday to wish me a happy birthday. You guys are wonderful. It may sound goofy... but I get a great deal of moral support in my life from the good vibes you guys lay on me. :)

It's OBAMAM day in Ottawa. Dude is flying in... sneaking downtown... meeting the Steve-O the Harpeee and then sneaking away again. All the requisit road closures and madness you'd expect is... in full swing. Air Force One is on the tarmak at YOW (Ottawa International Airport) as I type. :)

K'mere... I got something for ya. :D

Back to the fact that I'm cold.
I would very much like to be warmed up...
A nice blanket... some snuggles...
Naked people making a corto sammich...
I'll hold the mayo... you hold something else... :)
No seriously... brrr!

K... I gotta get back to work.
See ya soon.

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