Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 18

Well it's s'posed to snow today.
There's green grass poking through... so yeah... I want it to snow. :)

But now I'm running late... and I don't know when I'll get to post later... so this is a quicky for today.

~ another goofy day of being busy...
~ big meeting at 9:00... and a workshop all afternoon??? gah!
~ dinner at my folks house tonight.
~ that you have a wonderful February 18...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to three lovely women...
Happy birthday Amy (and I'll try and find you on FB ... 'cuz that's where you are... er amyaustin. I hope you have a lovely day!
And to little sarah... (pertinentwires), Happy birthday little sugar... may the love in your life be steadfast and may this day be well celebrated.
And I hope laurel714 doesn't ever watch "Pacific Heights". Happy birthday sugar... and may this day be celebrated... and may room mates be... hidden.

A machine phoned me last night.
It told me I was close to going over my monthly download limit...
Then it said I could have six months free of an upgraded service... "press 1".
So I pressed 1 and talked to some guy in a call centre.
We hashed it out... and I agreed that I wanted it.
So we started the formal bits...
Only to hear him say "Oh sir... you already have Rogers Extreme.
Extreme-Plus is not on this promotion.
Our system called you by mistake.
I wasn't taking any of that...
By the time we were done...
I'm getting 12 months of 10$ off my home-phone per month... and
12 months of 10$ off my internet supply. :D

~ you have to try... because eventually you're going to die...
And believe me, it only gets harder after you're dead.

~ later lovelies... :)
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