Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 17

~ sorry... I couldn't help making a face... :)

Hola... super crazy busy day...
Beautiful, again... but this time I was "out and about" in the beautiful.
I had a bit of a peaceful, calming moment somewhere in the middle of the day...
I was ... thisclose to letting the pressure really get to me...
All my contracts have big deliverables in March...
One of them up and decided to have a brand new "high priority" thing... that just means extra work...
I have to dance through all kinds of hoops about filing a US tax return... (very long story)... but I have to go the US embassy to get what amounts to a foreigner-SIN... blah blah blah...
So anyways... I was closing in on a good solid attack of the mental-white-noise-about-everything vibe thing...
When I was completely overtaken by a healthy dose of "it's just a job".
I really have to just settle back and do the best I can without making myself a mental patient. :)
And I'm going to.
Settle back... :D
~ reaches for latte...
~ all dressed up ... with the gray / blue tones...
~ wake up and decide that Geo isn't going anywhere... poor guy. He is in hard core "has a cold" land.
~ get sorted and head to client #3 for the morning... cleaning up attitudes and building grand opinions. :D
~ back to client #1 for 1:00 and zoom though all the issues there...
~ then off to the orthodontist to meet suz, who brought the boys... (she takes off and I bring them home. :D)
~ home to make a yummi dinner... pounded out some chicken breasts, breaded them, cauliflower, rize and ... yum.
~ fed same meal (except I "baked" hers, instead of "slow fry"... like I did with the boys and mine) to suz when she got home from the gym...
~ watched a little lost with the boys... just into season 4 now... (not my fav season... I'm enjoying 5 so far, but 4 was the one I got a little down on)
~ and now it's now. :)
~ that my little-debby... er... debby ... gets her sticky bum... er... I mean cinnibon... :)
~ to congratulate kay on the success hard work has won...
~ and that my fav dot-coms... um... dotcomdude and his little dot-ette... get to feeling a whole lot better.

Have a laugh at Fox News and the Situation Room...
Youtube link... [:: Zain talking Penis, er... peanuts ::]

Ok... seriously...
This itching is driving me crazy.
LOL... Gah... anyone old enough to remember that commercial?
But seriously... nothing to do with THAT.
No, this is just the absolute "zenith" of the dry season.
My skin does not love february.
I mean... even my knuckles are itchy.
I want very much for someone to lay me down,
and slather me in aveeno moisturing lotion...
oh man... :)

Ok... enough of that...

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