Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, February 16

~ this would be my Aardman Animantions face... :D
(aka: the "I am a prize unlike any other... you know you want me" face.)

Ok, so paradise seems to have a thing for showing up when everybody is either sick or so busy with work...
Well... a beautiful day in these parts. Sunny and cold... but on the "glorious" end of the scale.
It's funny how sound waves seem to travel further in cold air.
Could be bunk - and yes, I know... the internet... but I'm currently busy talking with you, so I'll look it up later. :)
Today was all about client #3 and I've got enough done to go in and make them happy tomorrow.
So I should sleep well tonight.

Oyeah.. we're (Suz, actually) planning the family vacay and it's getting goofy with hawaii versus Myan Riviera versus cruising...
My perspective is all about the "life experience" value and I see a lot more of that in Hawaii than the other two...
but there are always other little things... like time&money... that get in the way of good planning.

~ up with the ... well, the other people that get up at 7. :D
~ nobody was going any where today... it's "Family Day" in Ontario, which means schools and Provincial institutions are all closed. The Feds are still open for business, so I don't have today off. So I left them sleeping while I got to work. :)
~ had a conference call with client #2 this afternoon
~ and watched loads of Lost (season 3) with the kids (after work!). They're almost through season 3... season 4 and then they've caught up. I feel like a freaking "lost encyclopedia" these days... I can say that a lot of stuff that just seemed frustratingly weird the first time... makes a bit more sense this time.
~ now it's now... I'm looking at lunch-making, and gathering skates and helmet for Ed - school skating trip tomorrow.
~ actually I'm looking at that later... for now, I'm slurping a latte and typing this. :D (once again, bows to the gods of all things great and wonderful that have brought softness and technology together in a way that lets me sit on the sofa and play in wifi computer land).
~ that katie8471 finds some answers...
~ to remind jjnslat that it's not enough to dress like one... you have to be able to dance like a gap clone too.
~ and that duhneese musters the internal fortitude to survive in a world with pre-fab holes in it.

Nothing quite like observing someone impatiently admonish a child for behaving impatiently.

Ed finished his Egypt project.
We pushed him a lot on the "how to research" thing...
And how to formulate paragraphs from all the notes...
But he worked out lots of content and he did several "art" pieces to go with...
This is the "crook" he made... (from the "crook & flail").
(aluminum foil tube and some heavy gage wire, tape and lots of paint. :D)

Folks ought not to get bent out of shape over the realization that they made choices to suit themselves.
That is not selfish... Selfish is eating all the cupcakes...
This is not foolish... Foolish is eating all the cupcakes...
And this is not bad! Bad is eating all the cupcakes.
So... lessons learned! Looking out for number one? Sometimes a reasonable and fine idea.
Just stay the hell away from the damn cupcakes.

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