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Amazing Race XIV Update!!!

Amazing Race – Finally! Hobbits

It’s All About The Cheese!!

And they're off... on another race around the world, with Capt’n Mittens give’en away trips and toys along the way. We’ve got a classic line up of stereotypes and Phil tossed ‘em all over the second highest bungee in the world right out of the starting gates... well, after fly’en them to Switzerland first.

Good Afternoon Race Fans...
(aka "The show, in as few words as possible!")
So-Cal for the kick off, with a mad dash to the airport and one of two pathways to Switzerland. Nominal differences but after planes and trains, and sleeping in a field somewhere... they dive off a seriously trippy high dam based bungee in the first Road Block of the game. They have to suffer through this slippery hill climb to scramble back with two hundred pounds of cheese before you could zoom to the mat and Mr. Mittens.

The Good
Oh the stereotypes!! We got the world-class cheerleaders, twelve-face-lift flight attendants, the Old Couple, some fodder, a pair of hicks that make hicks look like socialites, a deaf kid (and his seeing eye mom) and this seasons prize? Pippen and Maridock... check for their hairy feet!

The Bad
The deaf kid is a crier... and he’s here "representing". All good stuff... but it’s going to get old... fast.

The Ugly
The older of the two stewardesses... er... flight attendants. Dude... poke her nose tip with a pin and her whole face will snap back!!!

The Exceptionally Pathetic
I have to admit the time spent watching older, weaker, folks suffer... is almost enough to make you feel uncomfortable. The hicks... there’s the guy with a giraffe neck and his grand-mother-slash-wife... trying to do the cheese challenge. She looked about THIS close to death just climbing up the hill. "They managed to be awesome, in the end, but still...)

The Losers
Oh that’s called the "ugly cry". Boob-job girl and her dude get nailed first because the creepy flight attendants overtook them in a mad dash at the finish line.

The Winners...
LOL... I was calling the deaf kid and his mom instant "outs" ... but I guess I was all wrong.

Big Winners...
Money money... who’s getting the money?
Honestly... none of them stick out like "hey, I like them"... at least not for the right reasons.
We’ll see next week. :)

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