Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 15

gah... remember when the kids would sit "in" the pictures with me? lol...
Now I'm lucky to get them in the same room, letting me snap a pic of the back of their head. :D

Lots more sunshine today.
Best part is I'm experiencing the sunshine headache free.
My "pistachio headache" lasts (apparently) one full day. sigh.
That is officially "it".
I will never again eat pistachios.
Fricking sad 'eh... crap.
I really thought I was good with them... having rulled peanuts and cashews out... and almonds in!!!
I thought ... "Oh its the powdered salt..."
but it's not. I get salt in all kinds of things... including the little packages of blue diamond smokehouse almonds - which are really really yummi, btw.
And AND... I get the headache vibe from fresh peanuts that I hull myself... which have no salt... so...

Last night was kind of easy-peasy.
I made that little pizza to "go with" dinner..

~ a warm hoodie...
~ black jeans.
~ crawled out of bed at 10:00... happily noting that I feel mucho better. :D
~ geo, on the other hand, is weezing and sneezing his way through the weekend. !! Poor sod... his cold has come back in earnest.
~ Suz is going to wally-land... and I'm going to knuckle under a bit and work for client #3. I still have so much to do for them... it's goofy. (and time is running out!) (Edit: um... I watched a lot tv with Geo... instead :D)
~ oh... and I have to take a drive around the hood and visit a few neighbors to talk about some home-owners-association stuff...
~ Not sure what to do for dinner tonight... but I'm thinking there will be egg rolls. :)
~ that I could make bratt72 smile...
~ that nerdular doesn't go all Ben Button on me and morph into a 14 year old...
~ and that talashandy doesn't get punished for being sugar!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Sandi... (sandstar) although you've been a whole lot of MIA since the snow decided to come again. I hope all is well and that this years birthday has been brought to you by the letter L and the number 2. :)

Responding to someones post about something in san fran...
made me think of the hp conference I went to...
and the night club I went to...
and how freaking long ago that was...
and suddenly felt old... er.
I'm over it now...
but I know what I felt.

Just say'en... we totally scored wonderfully with the amaryllis we plated at christmas.
She was absolutely beautiful... and she put out six glorious huge flowers!!! :)

there will come a day
after which I will look back
and see it for what it really was
less a beginning... more an ending
begging the question
can anticipation turn into a warning,
and if so... can I listen without giving up
any claim to being alive?

~ k ... see ya. :D

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