Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Just say'en...

finally made a totally decent pizza crust!

The trick is... to decide you want a pizza dough... three hours before dinner.
(Edited to correct for stupid :D)

1. Put 2/3 of a cup of hot water in a measuring cup...
2. put a spoon with a big ol blob of honey on it into the measuring cup.pour 1 packet of dry active yeast into the water. (it's about 1 tablespoon).... and leave it.
3. Get two mixing bowls... one smaller (it will eventually be placed in the bigger one with some hot water in the bigger one)
4. Pour a tablespoon of olive oil in the small one... crumble a teaspoon each of basil and of oregano over the oil.
5. 1 1/2 cups of normal flour into big mixing bowl. Add a full teaspoon of salt into it.
6. look at the measuring cup... cool huh... all frothed up. Stir with the honey spoon.
7. Pour water and gunk into flour... mix mix mix...
8. get your hands in there and sorta "kneed it in the bowl" until everything is caught up in the blob.
9. Put the blob in the smaller bowl, on top of the oil... roll it around.
10 . clean the big bowl.
11. put some really hot water in the big bowl.
12. put the little bowl in the big bowl, and cover with a tea towel.
13. ONE HOUR... later... take bowl out of big bowl. It's all puffed up... LITERALLY punch your fist down into it. Squeeze it, flip it...
14. Put fresh hot water in the big bowl, put the little one back with the tea towel.
15. Another hour later... do the fist thing again.
16. Squeeze it... stretch it out... spread it on a pan (I dust the pan with corn meal first) and VOILA!!
17. Dress it up like a pizza, or just put cheese on it... whatever.
18. bake it at 350 till the edges are golden and it looks awesome!
19. eat it baby... eat it. :D

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