Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Saturday, February 14

A small bowl of pistachios... yesterday afternoon...
and today I am wracked with a headache. They were good. But... wtf was I thinking.
Woke up with it and took two advil at 6:30... tylonal at 1:00.
Still going strong.
Trying hard to not just be angry at myself for being weak yesterday.

We had a great dinner last night. I thawed out half a decent sized stake... a cut that be a "big meal" for one person. So half of that... very seasoned with what amounts to a kind of "new orleans spicey" rub and set-a-spell to "plasmalize all the cells" (aka tenderize). Thawed out a bunch of uncooked tiger shrimp... kinda cheep ones... from cost-co. Lots of garlic, little tiny bit of olive oil, some peanut sauce... soaking.
Then broccoli, cauliflower, wild rice and when all that was just about ready... two pans, lotsa heat and do the shrimp... and the steak... The nice thing was that the steak portion was just a few very tender, delicious, strips per person, and like... eight shrimps... not lots... but just enough.

It's a tremendous day... brilliant sunshine... mild (comparatively... it's brrrr winter february cold... but it could be loads worse).
Had a big grocery excursion this morning.

~ on escaping the crushing grip of this fricking headache...
~ working on an "object" to go with Ed's Egypt project... we're thinking of making a crook&flail ...
~ not sure about dinner... feel crappy... so I don't feel like making a big deal out of food... we'll see if I feel better.
~ that odyssey_road has a very nice and normal and non-major-eventful... pregnancy. :)
~ for suburbiadaze to get reassuring news...
~ and happy eight out to hisbeauty :)

Happy guilt ridden commercialized candy sucking, depression yielding don't-you-wish-you-had-love-like-the-people-in-that-commercial day.
No, I'm not a hater... but it does make me laugh. I got in trouble in grade 9!!!!! for doing an art project for valentines that focused on a department store window display that caused a stir in New York... it depicted a bedroom scene with a dead mannequin, a bottle of pills and a note that read "you didn't bring me flowers..."
I was already pretty jaded by grade nine...
As it stands... I'm good... I remember to get some chocolate, make a v-card from a family picture, and put it all in a cute red gift-bag with red tissue paper... (also got some snazzy teas for this years bag) but... it's all goofy and makes way too many people bummed out.

PC was on BG
That was kinda cool. :)

I gotta get to work on the Egypt thing... :)

~ see ya.

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