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Survivor 18 Update!!!

Survivor XVIII: Tempo Para Sofrer

Jeff Gets A Brazillian!

Where in... sixteen perdedores, separated into two tribes, loaded onto a truck are driven out into the badlands of Brazils "Tocantins" region... Hot, stormy, buggy, and kinda cool looking. After seventeen turns of the wheel, you just know Dom Jeff is due for some drama. I predict drama. Meanwhile, it’s the same ol same ol, with an older woman, a big deal "youngest ever" boy scout, several little hotties, and weird ass testosterone stereotypes whipping their members out to do the measurements. Oh, and there’s a US military sergeant who is going to kick... every... last... ass... then he’s gonna go after Jeff! :D

Survivor 18... in 336 words...
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
Welcome to Brazil, beautiful cities, wonderful people... and you’re getting none of it. Oh look, a big flat zone a several hundred miles south of bum fuck Egypt (ok, fine... brazil). Get off of my truck! Jeff has two prefab tribes (Jalapeño and Timone – I know, I know) grab all the gear they can manage and then immediately vote someone off. Just for fun, Jeff screws things up good by putting the two instant-angry-loser-types (the old lady and the sickly cute blonde) on a chopper and sending them ahead to camp for a great big do-over. The rest of them have to slog it cross-country to find camp carrying all their crap. LOL. Meanwhile, the two leap-ahead’s get a Jeff head game via a note telling them to either earn the love by work’en or go look for a hidden immunity idol. Sandy, the slightly demented older woman with the facial twitches, sets about searching – and doing a piss poor job of it, while sick girl (Sierra) at camp Timone puts her clue away and sets about building a shelter. We get naked rough neck dude (Tyson) who all of a sudden is looking mighty gay with his "male tiera" desires and floppy man bits around the girls. Jeff sets them a cool challenge for fire and immunity... running, swimming, "getting", carrying, puzzling, building and puzzling again. The "You can’t advance until your whole tribe arrives" elements are real levelers, keeping things neck and neck, but Timone wins with style, setting up Crazy Sandy for a second exit, with no chopper in sight. Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for us, Carolina - pretty girl, red hot body, very little clothing – has a mouth. She uses that and earns a round of animosity from the assembled idiots that universally feel like crap after calling Twitch "Old Lady" on the game-opening vote. They all go to see Jeff and his pitt and uphold the long standing tradition of voting off the pretty girl. Carolina goes, Crazy Sandy stays.

Most Memorable Moment
The uncomfortable feeling I got while watching Sandy twitch, cry, dig and mumble... on the wrong beach beside the wrong stick.

The winner...
Jerry is this sergeant-from-the-army-dude seems like a real contender. :) But if Erinn angles for the win... then we’ll get to see lots of her. :)

The Pitt
(aka "Tribal Council")
There was this moment, right after Jeff said "I’ll go tally the vote." When we got video of him walking along the gang-way up to the vote bucket. He looked weird. He appeared shorter than I’ve ever noticed before. I think he may have shrunk. Oh... and Jeff actually asks Sandy if she's a whack job... hahaha... (and I do think that she's unstable... keep you're eyes on her...)

Two Things...
~ scene from next week. Torrential rain... seriously. I bet half of them get sick this season.
~ Coach guy... creeps me out.

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