Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, February 12

K... rain, rain, go away... turn to snow ... tomorrow.
And lo... so it will be.
Freak'en thaw man... giant pools of water, splashing, soaking... and tomorrow?
Totally freezing.

I'm sitting here watching Lost Season Three... episode 1.
The kids are catch'en up...
thank you uncle torrent. :)

~ new black jeans...
~ long sleeve "tee shirt"...
~ short sleeve summer "nice shirt" (to get a collar)
~ sweater...
~ layer boy. :)
~ dorky day of being busy.
~ having a bit of an "overwhelmed" moment today.
~ I'm taking tomorrow and monday to focus on client #3 and see if I can clear that away...
~ and from tuesday on... things just get crazy. :(
~ oh and tonight? Frigg'en relax man! Latte, tv, the admiral.
~ that queeniexb is careful... or her pee will smell bad. :)
~ to send a smile to bardiva... just 'cuz.
~ and that dotcombabe gets to close the deal. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Gerr... (circlek). May the year ahead keep you and your family safe, healthy, together and loved.
And happy birthday kristiseriously... although you do seem to be a little mIa, I do hope the world that swirls around you... is keeping you happy.
HOLA tassy!!! :D haha... I know you're out there. Happy birthday sugar. I hope all is well. :)
... and a quiet happy birthday to a very long lost friend... simplyred.

Local story...
17 year old guy gets on a public transit bus with three friends.
He approaches a stranger and demands that the guy hand over his iPod.
Stranger refuses.
17 year old stabs him in the chest... and the guy dies on the spot.
This happened two years ago.
He was tried as an adult and sentenced to life (min 10 yrs) today.
What kind of fucked up life has someone got to live for 17 years to end up killing someone on a bus for an iPod before he's even old enough to vote?
Personally... I think that because he was a minor when he committed the crime... his parents (or legal guardians) should have been charged with "negligence, causing death" in addition to the kid being charged with murder... and that's what it was... murder most foul.
I'll tell you this... If one of my boys commits a violent crime before he's 18, I'm going to think it's my fault.
No question. None.

It isn't who you know,
Or even what you know.
It's that you don't smell bad.

You what I'd like?
I'd like to "use" a really good laptop... for a week or so...
Just to see what changes about my experience.
I'm using a Latitude D610 that my office issues me...
I saw it advertised locally for $299.00 LOL.
I tell myself that I'd love to have a mac-book-pro...
but that's really just on "spec".
And besides the m-b-p, I have no idea what else consititues a "great laptop".
I've dabbled with the notion of the solid state "little" sub-notebooks that run full-on OS's...
I wasn't all that impressed with the Air when I goofed around with one in the apple store last year.
laptop letdown...

~ :)
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