Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 11

Well today was fun. :)

Wednesdays are big days with client #1...
... and the phone rang in the middle of it.
The kids school.
Ed was not feeling so good... and I told him to suck it up (sorta).
An hour and a half later... phone rings again.
He needs to be picked up.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm actually very good at saying "off" to all things work when family issues need me "on".
but I was on a roll at work. :)
ah well... wrote the "gotta go" email to the bosses,
drove to get Ed,
and worked from home the rest of the afternoon.

~ up and at 'em... actually, back into bed to slightly oversleep... but everyone still made their busses, etc. :)
~ weekly project team meeting this morning...
~ home with Ed all afternoon
~ con-call from 4-5 with client #2
~ dinner stuff...
~ and off to a homeowners association board meeting.
~ sigh. Long day. Home now though... it's Latte time. :)
~ to share a sigh of relief with pixiecup
~ for a few quick dreams to come true for bardiva...
~ that jocosa can feel a little Lj love... just a little ... to help a bit...
~ and to tell pasticcio that I like the way she twitches...

I just cannot get over the concept of the ongoing financial-sector bailout that US tax payers are funding.

Dude standing outside my mouse-maze-cubicle talking to a coworker that is hard-core-chinese, with thick accent and is still sorting out certain social patterns.
Dude is actually doing a passive aggressive thing with the big fake smile and wondering why the documents coworker-guy has, have not yet been translated.
Dude wanted his french copies...
It was hard to listen to them... I was holding the angry kitty under it's figurative chin... safe, as long as I don't move.
Our bilingualism laws... are stupid and hugely wasteful of scarce public funds.!!

Just kinda feelen good about how long I've known some of you.
Longer than anyone I work with...
Longer than many of you have been parents...
Longer than anyone one organization or person has owned Livejournal...
Longer than the war-on-the-Noun...
Long enough to own little pieces of my heart.
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