Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 10

me... at 5 to 7 this morning. :)
I had just realized that the school busses had all (ALL!!!) been cancelled.
Geo was already rousted out of bed and in the shower...
Ed was dressed and in the middle of eating his breakfast...
And then I heard it on the radio.
I had forgotten... despite blabing about it last night.
The thing is... it was lovely outside. Dry and cool.
But the weather idoits had "Guaranteed freezing rain ... cd jewel case thick" by the afternoon.
It never showed up ... Apparently it went East of here.

So anyways... I handed them another dvd of Lost Season 2 and then Suz and I headed off to work. :D

Sadly, Ed didn't take the hint about working on his project this afternoon... so we're starting to scramble on the volume of homework. :(

~ well... in the picture? a house coat, tee shirt, and ftls... :D
~ but it was a shirt and tie day.
~ up with kids... then wave to them as I head out and they take a snow day.
~ long day with client #1... then dinner followed by Geo to swimming where I sat and worked on client #2.
~ now it's now... the kids are a'bed, and I'm in breve latte land.
~ suz is watching "project runway" and I'm talken to you on the sofa. :D
~ to point out that I am jealous of little cack girl... !!! minarets got to see Lily Allen
~ that things keep on looking good for laperleprofonde, who, herself, simply never has a problem looking good. :D
~ and that I could find my way to chiropteraclan and take that girl out for a coffee. :D

So who's been to Cancun lately?
Looking at "The Hilton Cancun".
Concerned about things like "Oh ick... are you kidding?" or "Late March? Are you nuts? University drunk zone" or "Oh no man... did you see what that last hurricane did?" or "Gorgeous place... the boys will love it..." Anything...
(ps. and yes, I would rather be going to the Rockies so ski... this is just "investigation land")

You know... I'm feeling pretty good. :)
Just say'en...

~ ceeya.

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