Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 8

~ me and giant white forehead... are busy thinking.
Possibly planning... or even... plotting.
Pinky? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

My 'right now' is at quarter-to-eleven... kids are asleep. Lunches are made...
and I've got a little breve latte making little koo'ing noises to me from a tiny
table beside me, off the end of the sofa. Laptop keeping my thighs warm,
with my feet up on the ottoman.
comfy moment... waiting for z so we can indulge in some sunday night tv.
Desperate house hoes or Mentalist... we'll see. :)

Today was the official "February Thaw" day. Like... +1 outside.
I got to hack at the three inches of ice over some of the walkways outside. :)

~ life in pj pants ... all day. :)
~ up and at 'em ... saturday and sunday, up before 9:30 and enjoying quiet mornings as everyone else moves a little slower. :)
~ made waffles with fresh strawberries (and i totally thought it should be "strawberrys") for everyone at breakfast.
~ worked on Ed's project with him today...
~ make pizza dough.... I have notoiously bad luck with pizza dough. Trying a new recipe.
~ suz and I took Ed to the community pool for afternoon-swim... for us all to play... but also for him to practice his strokes. We really want him to get his "whatever" level this swimming lesson session...
~ home to make pizza all afternoon...
~ lots and lots of "Lost"... the kdis are on Season 2 now. It's the latest "download the entire show history" and watch mini marathons.
~ and ... after some general goofing around, cleaning up and reading with Ed at bedtime... we're caught up to the "now".
~ that pamdewind's Jayden has a great week two!! :D
~ to send a hug to lisabella...
~ and for innerly to keep all those balls in the air.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday grrrrrrrrrrrowl! I hope all is well and that you were given lots of love on your day. :)
And to the mostly vanished little miss no. I hope you're feel'en the love where ever you are. May there be a little Eyor in your future.

The 66 year old woman that had twins...
The single semi-poor chick and her 14 kids... 8 of 'em at one sitting...
And loads of folks making all these noises about why these people should not have done what they did.
Lots of talk... but not a lot of thinking.
We do not make laws about this kind of thing... for very good reasons.
What? Manditory tube-tieing at 55? Remove ovaries after six kids?
This is cannot be possible in Canada.
FYI... employers cannot require mandatory drug screen testing in Canada.

Ed and I had a moment this morning.
He always always always... gives me a hard time when I help him with homework.
He does much better with suz... but never-the-less... we have to share the load.
So we're working on an "Ancient Egypt" project.
Todays installment... making an "ancient looking" map of ancient-egypt.
We did some testing with Tea soaking and baking different papers, etc... yesterday
Today was "tracing a map", drawing on all the city markers, etc... and labels...
The tea soaking and baking.
In the first five seconds of this he starts in with the a) complaining that we're doing it at all... b) playing with something while I'm talking to him... "Ed, put that down, and pay attention" led us to c) muttering inappropriate criticisms at me for ... doing this.
I was just not in the mood.
I bailed... said "you know what? You do it... I'm taking the time to help you with this and you know you have to get it done and I'm getting nothing but grief. I am NOT going to play this way. I'm done."
And then I go upstairs and sit at my desk.
Meanwhile... the seven levels of hell hath exploded all over'eth the place at the kitchen table... aka Egypt-HQ.
He went at it for five solid minutes.
He ended up in my office, asking - nicely - what he did wrong and how we could work together.
It was a hard-ass thing... but it paid off.

So yeah, you work so hard to get yourself on the your road...
But other paths, totally not on your radar... chose us.
And you juggle.
~ careful now...

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