Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 6

And it is with great satisfaction that I embrace the truth of things...
Today is Friday and there's nothing anyone can do to take that away.
And I am seriously liking Friday!

~ jeans... nice shirt... sweater... a smile.
~ to have a great day... why? because I know I get to make bosses happy today... AND that said bosses will be going out to a lunch that will no-doubt include a beer and my bosses respond well to booze. :D
~ directly home after work... and try to find my way to a friday night. Hmm... what should I make for dinner?
~ that indigobluejelly enjoys her smile...
~ for duhneese to get "unrestricted" soon. :D
~ and that sirenity gets an orange vest...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday my far flung fargo friend... er...frostbyte. I hope all is well and that the year ahead finds new ways to make you smile.

~ I have no friends...
Well ... not true. I have several. But I don't arrange my life to see them.
I arrange my life to be available for and to take care of ... zee and the boys.
I find this to be truly and wonderfully rewarding.
My life is a basket of good fortune...
But that only makes it easier to cope with the reality that...
I don't arrange my life very well when it comes to making time for fostering friendships.
My children will grow up... and I'll have plenty of time for other things.
Hopefully... my inattentive ways with friendships will not have left me too distant.
And in the mean time...
I have you.
thanks. :D

So I went to Starbucks at lunch...
I described my fav way to make a coffee with my lovely espresso machine...
Apparently what I'm into is called a "Double Short Breve Latte".
Oh, and speaking of Starbucks...
I always use a "starbucks card"... I load 20 bucks on it and then I use it up...
And... on the back of the card are codes that give you two free hours of wifi every day...
Now where you are... free wifi may be ubiquitous... but around here... no such luck.
So yeah, I dig the 'bucks...

~ have a great day muchacho's... er... y muchachas...
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