Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 4

The sun was out today... big and brilliant... but that didn't change the fact that it was bazzing cold again.
S'posed to warm up again by the weekend... but nasty cold all week.
We were about a week away from leaving for Bermuda this time last year... sigh. :)

~ no tie today... new jeans, warm sweater.
~ well... I didn't really plan on the day being like it was... but it's over.
~ meet client #1 to hear that all is not well and I have to pull together some magic - because anything less will make me look bad... so I whipped out my wand and top hat...
~ sigh. no, really... just a long day with client #1 and I'm glad it's over. :) (sadly... tomorrow will be even more fun)
~ home to make dinner #1 for the boys and me... popcorn chicken, rice and big salad... and then #2 for z when she got home from the gym... salmon and salad...
~ clean up the kitchen... and while z takes Ed up to work on part of his Egypt project... I'm here ... drinking a latte.... blabbing about my day to all'ya'all. :)
~ that annietopia enjoys her snuggs!!
~ for suburbiadaze to enjoy the fruits of her labour...
~ and to send some hero-chick powers to sylvidoptera... just 'cuz...

Local radio station is running this game called "The Almighty..." with the dj talent's name after it...
Listeners write in, explaining why they think their life sucks and why they want the radio station to "change their life".
Well ... they pick someone... and put 25000$ in the pot and start giving this person "challenges". Fail the challenge... (for example) lose 1000$. Succeed, and the money stays. This goes on for three weeks and then you get what ever is left.
I loved this at first... because it pissed off some local Religious nuts that called in to piss and whine about how the name of the game is blasphemous.
Get a life.
Now I love it... because they are being so awesome.
They chose "curvy girl" Holly.
She has body image issues, low self confidence and esteem... blah blah blah...
and she has a cute voice...
The challenges have been things like "Go downtown, and earn 89$ in 1 hour busking!" (she had to pick her talent).
"Do a 3 minute stand up routine at a local comedy club..." "Convince a stranger to have dinner with you..."
She has been doing great... a lot of the challenges were weird but kind of curious... like "Reduce your Facebook friend list to 20 people" (or something like that... she had hundreds).
Anyways... it's almost over...
You can go and [ :: check them out :: ] and see youtubes vids of Holly.
Oh, and they had her pose in her bra and panties in the local paper...
Her life will definitely have changed from this experience... regardless of the $25K
I say "go you guys" at the radio station for holding such a cool contest.

Our Amarylus is beginning to bloom. :D


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