Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 3

Hiya... :)

I'm feeling better... getting a grip on a little sunshine. :D

Sadly... it's already tomorrow as I sit here... watching LJ be "down in maintenance mode" or some rot...
I mention 9:54 later... but I got up to put the boys to bed after that and have only just got back to things... (had a bit of a snooze on Eds bed... then on Geo's bed... lol)

Come back lj... if you don't... and you're gone forever (oh the drama)...
The last post I'll have ever read will have been whatilove's post from earlier about her life with her brand new baby...
~ and that would be kind of fitting.

But I know lj will be back later. It always is. :)
So I'll post this in the morning... I guess.
(Oh, and I'm sipping on another latte... sweet heaven in a cup, which reminds me... did you know I hate-with-a-passion anything sweet in coffee... never sugar, and the real reason I have never dug things like khalua in my coffee... or whatever... ick. Just coffee... and I like cream... but I use "lite cream")

~ Oh ... an unusually busy day....
~ it went like this...
~ wake up... at 6:00.. shave... (learning to use ma 'new shaver before I even fully wake up... )
~ get the kids up, fed and on a bus...
~ drive to Hull (city next door)...
~ work for client #3 all morning... interviews...
~ drive back to my end of town... work at client #1 all afternoon.
~ home... make dinner (chicken satays, rice, tortellinis, broccoli, cauliflower)
~ drive Geo to swimming lessons... sit in the waiting area and work for client #2
~ stop at Sport Mart and exchange Ed's ski jacket on the way home...
~ and home FINALLY...
~ just made a unbelievably good Latte
~ and now it's now. 9:54
~ that cynnerth gets to enjoy her happy-knee zone...
~ for hisbeauty to find her way to "better" ... and that she rests well while she's searching...
~ to crow about how happy I am for a long time lj friend, shebear
~ and that whatilove is enjoying every step in her dance through the world of firsts...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday my recently in-hiding friend, aristophren. May there be soft things to hold... wonderful notes... and knees like Zeus... Have a great year. :)

There truly is no end to the rampant "stupid" that seems to have a super-hero grip on vast segments of the planets population.
From the middle east to the most distant edges of afghanistan...
I mean, I'm sure there are nice, normal, people there... like, maybe even as many as six.
But the rest of them... seem to be just so far gone that it boggles.
Another volly of rockets from Hamas into Israel??? Seriously? !!
I truly don't have any idea what America (let alone Canada) thinks they're going to accomplish with their United Nations mission to Afghanistan.
That country will suckle at the "infrastructure building" teet of the wester industrial complex all the while dodging bullets, and watching bombs go off.
Or ... I just heard that some awesome place in Pakistan is suddenly "now under the control of the Taliban" and schools are being torched, and women told to cover up and stop getting edu-mac-ated. This is a country that needs to learn the proper interpretation of the phrase "throw the bums out" and take care of their shit.
Oh wait... the western industrial complex may be able to make a few gazillion dollars by helping Pakistan rebuild after a war... maybe we should attack...

So I had outlook at my client computer, in "gmail calendar", and in the galactic core's outlook all set up to shoot me reminders today that suz was getting her hair done.
She was pretty stoked about it... shorter, and more hi-lighting in the plans. With all of those reminders... and actually explaining it all to my client boss today - she saw one of the alerts... I still managed to go through about an hour and a half at home with suz after swimming without remembering to notice.
I seriously suck sometimes.
But in my defense... it's like a super-power, this mad-skillz thing I have to not notice hair cuts.
sigh. :)

~ am very sleepy... :)
Time to be a sleeping corto.
ni ni.

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