Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, February 2

Can spell "Sunshine"?

I can... it's spelled like this "W.H.Y.A.M.I.N.O.T.A.T.A.S.K.I.H.I.L.L.T.O.D.A.Y."
Wicked nice day... :D

I'm still very sniffely... but generally I feel loads and loads better.

Oh... and I had a "moment" last night.
It was about 9:00 pm... and I was looking in the mirror and thinking (saying) "Get the lunches made... get the garbage out... and then go to bed!!!" and thinking... uh oh... it's happened. I'm old. My body is giving up on the whole "stay awake till all hours and then get up early and do it again" thing...
Then I made lunches... took out garbage... installed a video converter on Ed's computer... got few Star-Wars-Clone-Wars episodes converted to Nano-Land and installed on his new nano (so he can watch 'em on the bus ride to school :D ), made a latte, sat with Z and watched the news and an epi of Leverage... then it was like 1:30, so we went to bed and the whole "I'm old" thing kinda vanished. :)
Truly though... I need to tone it back a bit.
And yes ... I know, I am, in fact, old...
but I kind of "refuse to acknowledge"... not out of any misguided "mid life crisis" vibe (I save that for the whole skateboarding thing)... it's just that I have sooooo much to do before I die... :D
~ and this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm going to turn 47 in 16 days... :D

~ The "Monday Uniform" (shirt, tie and nice trousers... going with the gray/blue zone today)
~ full day with client #1...
~ renew my parking permit with client #1... (They're renewing my contract from March to September!!!!!)
~ find out why client #2 has been so quiet... (US client in DC... on a go-slow plan because of some other priorities)
~ plan to be with client #3 tomorrow morning...
~ prol'y take Ed to swimming tonight... because my little Z is still super sick girl today...
~ that a really good vibe finds wbahner... :D
~ for [Bad username: [info]pasticcio] to enjoy the calm...
~ and that bratt72 enjoys her journey into dexter'ism.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday wittleangel... I hope all is well and that you get to celebrate your day with good friends. :D

It is with a heavy heart that I pass on a little Livejournal "in memoriam" moment...
A friend of many years, carouselrose has lost her battle with the challenges that life put before her.
I honestly did not know ... did not suspect... the depth of that medical challenge,
but my lack of knowledge, apparently, had very little to do with how devastating it turned out to be.
Rest in peace my friend and may there be very cute and loving little dogs to keep you company as you watch over those of us that suffer to live on.
Thank you for your friendship.

Thirteen is proving to be interesting.
Mood swings... impatience... full-on angry pants.
Truly ... interesting and quite a bit scary.
Tonight... "I don't like pasta..."
no really "?"

I need to find 3-D glasses for the new epi of Chuck... not the blue/red or the gray/polarized... they're this new kind of 3d made for TV and (for example) that new Mosters v Aliens movie... :D

K... gotta git. :)

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