Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 1

~ not sure why I kept this pic... just stretching before my "after ski shower" thing... :D
The day started very white and cloudy... but it got to be so beautiful... :D
Just wonderful... close to zero (temps) and an absolutely perfect day for skiing. :)

Yesterday was all about Ed and his birthday "thing" with his friends.
We took them to see "Paul Blart - Mall Cop" (le sigh)
The pizza at Boston Pizza... :D

Tonight we took back the toys his friends got him... traded me the Chapters / Indigo gift card... pulled out a couple of WallMart gift cards from christmas... and presto... he (Edward) had enough money to buy another awesome Lego Starwars set. :)
~ he is very happy.

~ go ski!!
~ make dinner...
~ be-lax.... which is chibi largo for "become one very relaxed dude..."
~ that nerdular gets to hold on to this happy...
~ that ayoub... a good man, a good many miles away... well, kilometers, actually... is having a good sleep. :)
~ and that canuckgirl gets to feeling a whole lot better... "awesome cough"... LOL. no barking!!!

Wake up... wake kids up... everybody do their thing...
Make waffles... get car packed...
double check helmets, gloves, neck-tube-things...
Smile 'cuz we're ready and GO SKI.
(Letting suzy-gotsa-cold spend the day in bed with no interruptions. :D)

~ skiing is very good for you... :D
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