Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Oh yeah... and that Public Transit Strike?
It's over.
The Feds were planning on legislating them back to work, so both sides - the mayor and the ATU - agreed to something that was on the table four weeks ago.

Of course, the pending ice-festival in Ottawa... and the Obama visit... had nothing to do with the feds decision to get tough.

Worst of all?
The honestly-pathetic blitz of media manipulation that is infecting every radio broadcast as the city, the union and the bus company all jockey to manage public opinion.

Personally... they can blah blah blah all they want. I wont soon forget how easily the citizens were tossed aside as those idiots all acted like entitlement-issue posers.

And when the drivers themselves had the chance to put this all to bed... weeks ago... they chose to keep on turning the screws and playing the entitlement game... while the rest of us twisted in the broken economy.

They don't get to say "Don't be mad at us... it was the city..." or "... it was the union.". It was the drivers too.

How about if folks withheld what ever service they offer to average joe bus driver when he comes into their place of business and said "Hey, sorry man, but I'm holding out for more money and the right to tell my boss when I'm going to work. You'll have to do with out for a while..."

In theory, it's supposed to take at least 3 years to get ridership back up to pre-strike levels.
I hope it takes a lot longer...

Maybe ridership will be so low... they'll have to cut back on some routes.
Schedule that... !
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