Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Well today just was not a stellar day! Started off fine with good weather and fairly reasonable goals for the day...

As previously stated... things kinda went south ...

Fact is, two (out of 6) of the senior sales reps were let go today... basically because they really phuqu'en sucked at this job... they may be good at some other job but this one? man.

So that set a harsh tone at work... a report got pushed back from on high and I had to redo it ... twice... before I left for the day.

I've since managed to bump the counter while in the process of dumping the coffee filter and yucki grounds into the garbage and }splat{ threw them on the floor in the kitchen... Stub my baby toe so bad it's just throbbing, and generally loose all chance of getting a Mr. Congeniality award.

There is a bright side though... I mean when things suck this bad, I'm use'en it all up. It's like a pressure valve is letting go and I'm expecting to be rid of this by the time I wake up. If it's all cleared up... wow.. tomorrow could really rawk.

Ok, so back to working on layout stuff...

Green tea anyone?

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