Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, January 23

eh... my body is trying to be sick but my head is just not in the game.
A big sleep-in today seemed to help. :)

And I've totally got a heart full of friday.

~ ug... wake up at 4... can't swallow.
~ take an advil "cold 'n sinus'... go back to bed
~ up at 6:30... get kids up, fed, out the door...
~ back to bed and pass out like a dead person till 11:00
~ sadly, I neglected to call work.
~ ahhhh!
~ wake up and feel remarkably better (I know it's the drugs)
~ call work, go to work, work (needed to get meeting requests out, and referee a bit of a show down between some teams about an upcoming project...
~ go downtown, drop off papers for an expense claim, see boss's boss...
~ long slow drive home... :(
~ hit cost-co to grab stuff for the big dinner tomorrow night
~ home ... make some dinner... clean up, make a latte and now it's now.
~ :D
~ still feeling oogish but not deathly oogish.
~ for a turn of good fortune to help a young lady named Katie to find her way back to good health...
~ that shoo's jaw gives her a break...
~ and to send all kinds of love out to her_whispers... like I've been doing for how many years? Always always Sugar... Siempre...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday gifgal... may all the men in your life keep you comfy and feeling loved.
And myeah... Happy birthday sugar... may the next year keep you and your family safe, healthy and happy. :)

Dream: When I went back to bed this morning, I changed the radio to the top 40 station (hot89.9) 'cuz they have a few "holliwood gossip" segments during the morning drive time... I just passed right out... but I remember background music (it was micheal J doing - I think - Black or White)... and if it wasn't on the radio, then my brian has a stunningly realistic memory segment dedicated to that song.
Anyways... I had this very bizarre dream about ... well, it's like this... I was going from the end of our street back to our house... walking... but it was like every where was a steep rocky zone and all these fun obstacles... and the whole trip was this totally cool parkour kinda thing sliding down the rocks, jumping over the obstacles, etc... all with MJ filling in the background. Honestly... it was a gas. I was having so much fun with it... I got home about the time the song ended and then I woke up... smiling. Seriously.

I'm thinking I'll be spending a good deal of the evening making chicken kievs... :)

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