Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 22

I'm sick...
right there... that spot on my neck....
Woke up and it was a bit hard to swallow... but mostly... just an ouchi spot.

Sent both boys to school... Geo's first day back since last thursday.
He's loads better but having to deal with the second day pain from his "retainer". :(

As the day progressed... I just started feeling like absolute ass.
Now? I can hardly swallow and I would like to go curl up and pass out. :( :( :(

~ again with the black jeans...
~ but a nice shirt and sweater. :)
~ eh... work.
~ a big ol'virtual high five (VH5) time for innerly...
~ that pixiecup finds someone to loan her a video cam...
~ and ... that my friend jloopy... finds a solution.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday out to aellia... a truly wonderful family blogger... May the year ahead bring you great joy and many chances to share it.

You know how... you can decide you need to go to the bathroom...
Either one...
So you start walking to the can... and as you get closer...
You have to go more... to the point that you are grimmacing and wrenching down your pants in a flash...
However, if you didn't decide to go ... you just decided to wait... you'd have been fine... till you decided to actually go.
It's like the toilet is a magic scary mental manipulator.

I no like being sick.

~ :(

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